Thursday, August 26, 2010

Identifying your travel photos when you return home - Part I

Just where is this place - In Paris?It's the classic problem of the vacation traveler. After two weeks away, you begin to review your travel photos, a few days or weeks later, and you can't remember where you took many of them, and what the buildings and scenes in them are.

While traveling, you can ensure you will be able to identify your photographs through easy to use, inexpensive, low-tech techniques. While high-tech methods, can also help handle image identification, even these can sometimes get a needed boost from more down to earth methods.

High-tech identification methods, while great, can sometimes fail, so every photographer, even a casual vacation photographer, should be familiar with the low-tech, failsafe photo identification methods I discuss below. During my recent trip to the Baltic region of Europe, my GPS, attached to my DSLR, died in Stockholm. I reverted to the low-tech techniques, which worked beautifully for me.

Photography Exhibition: The Museum of Modern Art - The Original Copy

Horst P. Horst. Costume for Salvador DalĂ­'s Dream of Venus. 1939.The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), in New York, NY has some of the most amazing exhibitions of contemporary photography in the US. The Original Copy: Photography of Sculpture, 1839 to Today is another in their series of wonderful exhibitions at the Museum. If you’re in the New York City area, don’t miss this exhibition. I plan to go myself, if at all possible.

The exhibition will run through November 1, 2010.