Monday, August 31, 2015

Intro to Night Photography: Cityscapes — Constraints and Equipment

Paris Las Vegas, Eiffel Tower - Copyright © 2014 NSL Photography. All Rights Reserved
At night in a city, virtually any city, the scene before you changes dramatically. In some locations the architecture and spirit of the city is merely enhanced, shown with a different, though recognizable look.

In other locations, the city at night transforms into a new place, sometimes brighter and more adventurous, sometimes more alive and mysterious.

Either way, making images of cities at night can allow you to often capture a “new city” with a different life than it has during the day. Making photos at night has its own challenges, but it's still subject to the same set of constraints as daylight photography; aperture, shutter speed and light sensitivity. The difference is, these constraints often push you and your equipment “to the edge,” compared to photographing the same city during the day.

Greece financial crisis for travelers over . . . for now

The Parthenon temple on the Athenian Acropolis in Athens GreeceIn case you missed it, the Greek bailout was approved and the cash is again flowing into Greece. All is well for travelers for now.

For the Greek people, while the crisis is over, it will still be a long haul before life in Greece can return to “normal.”

That said, how long before another Greek financial crisis will erupt is unknown. If the previous loan balance was unsustainable for Greece, how does adding €86 billion of new debt make the financial situation in Greece sustainable for the future, especially with repayment terms imposed? It doesn't, in my opinion! Repeating past action which failed, and expecting it to be successful in the future is folly.