Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shooting new year's fireworks in cold weather

Fireworks in PhiladelphiaWhile it's not as cold in most of the northern hemisphere as it is in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and Longyearbyen, Svalbard, it still can be frigid enough to affect your new year's fireworks photography.

To photograph new year's fireworks in icy weather, photographers must combine good cold weather practices, night photography techniques, and the specific exposure requirements necessary to capture fireworks images. If you don't have a DSLR, don't think you can't make great fireworks images. With intelligent use, quality digital point and shoot cameras can make these photos too.

New Years Day: Time to reset the copyright notice in your camera

January 1st is just a couple of days away. Consider this article a reminder to reset the copyright notice in your camera to reflect the new year, so your 2015 images will have the correct information.

Most digital cameras today, can automatically insert your copyright notice into the metadata of every image you make as they are stored.

Each of my cameras will be reset on the upcoming new year's day morning to insert “Copyright © 2015 NSL Photography, All Rights Reserved” into every image I make.

If you don't insert your copyright notice in your images, to protect them, I suggest you consider doing it, starting today.

I'm often asked the question when I run workshops, or anytime I'm with enthusiasts and we're talking photography, “You're a pro, so I understand why you place your copyright on your photos, but why should I worry about it? I'm not selling my photographs, nor using them in my work.”

It's a great question.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ned's ten favorite smartphone travel apps for 2014

TripIt! image courtesy of Concur Technologies, Inc.I've tested thousands of travel apps, some of which I've purchased myself, including general travel apps, and specific ones for airlines, trains, rental cars, etc., as well as for cities, countries, and travel destinations, such as national parks and historic sights.

Here are my top ten favorite general travel apps for 2014. I use all these apps personally in travel planning, and/or while away.

10. White Noise — ($1.99: iOS, Android Windows 8) Too much noise coming from outside your room, or even inside it, possibly from another room, a dripping faucet, or a roommate? White Noise can rescue you. The “white noise” it makes can help most travelers get to and stay asleep by blocking distractions. I use the built-in “air conditioner” sound. White Noise also has a built-in clock display which shows through the night, and you can setup alarms to wake you as needed.

New feature for the NSL "Travel" Photography Blog

Silver Explorer - AntarcticaThis blog has carried articles about important general photography issues, photography and the law, specifics of travel photography, the works of great photographers, using smartphones in photography, the digital darkroom, issues of government and photography, equipment, as well as general photography and travel photography advice.

Missing among these articles for travel photographers has been articles about travel itself.

Sometimes a pure travel article is just the right one for a travel photography blog. Travel photographers have the same needs and issues that any traveler has, so including articles in this blog about travel generally, which can help travel photographers with their personal needs while on the go, or while planning their journeys makes sense.

Starting this month the NSL Travel Photography Blog will include articles about general travel which will hopefully help photographers know more about the issues affecting their journeys, assist photographers in travel planning, and help photographers while on the go to help make their treks more enjoyable and productive.