Sunday, December 14, 2014

New feature for the NSL "Travel" Photography Blog

Silver Explorer - AntarcticaThis blog has carried articles about important general photography issues, photography and the law, specifics of travel photography, the works of great photographers, using smartphones in photography, the digital darkroom, issues of government and photography, equipment, as well as general photography and travel photography advice.

Missing among these articles for travel photographers has been articles about travel itself.

Sometimes a pure travel article is just the right one for a travel photography blog. Travel photographers have the same needs and issues that any traveler has, so including articles in this blog about travel generally, which can help travel photographers with their personal needs while on the go, or while planning their journeys makes sense.

Starting this month the NSL Travel Photography Blog will include articles about general travel which will hopefully help photographers know more about the issues affecting their journeys, assist photographers in travel planning, and help photographers while on the go to help make their treks more enjoyable and productive.

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