Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shooting new year's fireworks in frigid climates

Fireworks in PhiladelphiaIn Frostbite Falls they love their cold winters. Rocky and Bullwinkle never miss their cold weather new year's fireworks shows, but they recognize that there are special problems taking fireworks photos when it's below freezing.

For new year's fireworks in frigid climates you have to combine good practices for cold weather photography, with those for night photography, and the special things necessary to capture fireworks, to be successful. Don't be intimidated if you don't have a DSLR. I've seen many wonderful firework's photos taken with quality digital point and shoot cameras.

Smartphone Apps for Photography: HDSLR Slate

HDSLR Slate app iconOne of wonderfully fun things photographers are doing today with their digital Point and Shoot, and DSLR cameras is making videos.

Some of the videos are merely travel log type videos, or family videos, but some are deliberately made videos which may have several scenes, and/or several takes to get it right.

Videographers making commercial videos use “sync-slates” such the Denecke TS-C Compact Time Code Slate - Color Clapper, which costs $1,180, to track their takes of scenes which they will eventually put together to make their video. That cost is certainly out of the realm of possibility for amateur or even pro travel photographers, seeking to capture video while traveling, document their travel work, or possibly create some instructional videos.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ned's last minute holiday gifts for 2011

Nikon Mugs
Have you been procrastinating? If you have, you've really waited until the last moment. Perhaps you just can't come up with ideas for the photographer in your life?

I've got some last second solutions for gifts from a very hefty $500, if you can afford it, down to under $20. They all are great gifts for aspiring pros, amateur enthusiasts, and vacation photographers who use DSLRs. Any of these gifts would be appreciated.

Each of these items can be purchased via the Internet, many in photo stores. If you can't get it delivered in time, you can always get a photo of each when you order it and stuff the photo in a stocking, or put it in a gift wrapped card. Then, when it comes in, it will be like the holiday's been extended.

Before making my suggestions, I want you to know, as normal, my holiday list only includes products which are part of my personal photography kit, which I use regularly.

Photography Exhibition: The Getty Museum - In Focus: Los Angeles,1945–1980

Garry Winogrand, American, 1964, Los Angeles International AirportThe Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, regularly has extraordinary photographic exhibitions. In Focus: Los Angeles, 1945–1980 is no exception.

This exhibition will run through May 6, 2012