Monday, February 22, 2010

Photographing motion with your still camera

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas“Photographing motion with your still camera” sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it.

Actually photographing motion with a still camera can produce startling photographs showing details you can’t see with your eye, or in a standard speed video. Not only that, you can make a still photograph of motion which can even give you the feel of motion.

You can use your DSLR, SLR, or Point and Shoot camera to either stop motion completely, freeze everything in motion in your photograph, which is the option most travelers take, or you can capture motion itself, by showing a bit of a blur, where you control what’s blurred and how much blur you show.

Travelers often find “motion” photo opportunities during their journeys. This week I will discuss some basic ways to capture motion, and in a later article, discuss more advanced techniques to capture the feel of motion in a still photograph and have some fun and extra creativity while making the photos.

Photography Exhibition: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - The View from Here

The View from HereThe San Francisco Museum of Modern Art often has interesting and sometimes quirky photographic exhibitions in the world. This exhibition, The View from Here, shows of some of the Museum’s best California photographs from its permanent collection.

This exhibition will run through June 27th

Monday, February 1, 2010

Will the iPad fulfill photographer's travel computer needs?

iPad photo courtesy of Apple Inc.Last week, I watched Steve Jobs introduce the Apple iPad with great anticipation. As the iPad presentation continued, I wondered if it could meet the photographic needs of travelers; vacation, amateur enthusiast, or professional photographers.

Since its introduction, I've analyzed how well the iPad might fulfill my needs as a business traveler, and travel photographer. While there is no doubt the iPad is built for travel, I’m not so sure it’s right for the travel photographer.

Photography Exhibition: Photographic Center Northwest - Daniel Beltra: Amazon Forest at Risk

Amazon Forest on FireThe Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington, is at the forefront in advancing the study, practice, and appreciation of fine art and documentary photography through education, exhibitions, and public programs. Daniel Beltra: Amazon Forest at Risk is an amazing record of the Amazon Forest and how it’s being savaged at this time in history.

This exhibition will run through February 28, 2010

Is the iPad a road warrior's dream come true?

iPad photo courtesy of Apple Inc.Air travel seems more difficult everyday. Like many business travelers, I’ve been looking for a small, lightweight, but high functioning combination electronic travel entertainment and computing device. For me, netbooks are definitely not the answer.

Last week I watched Steve Jobs introduce the Apple iPad with great anticipation. For the last several days I've analyzed how well the iPad might fulfill my needs as a business traveler. The iPad is built for travel.

It’s face is 9.56” by 7.47”, just a half inch thick and weighs no more than 1.6 pounds. It has a beautiful LED-backlit glossy Multi-Touch 9.7” 1024x768 pixels at 132 PPI screen. It comes in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive models.