Monday, February 1, 2010

Photography Exhibition: Photographic Center Northwest - Daniel Beltra: Amazon Forest at Risk

Amazon Forest on FireThe Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington, is at the forefront in advancing the study, practice, and appreciation of fine art and documentary photography through education, exhibitions, and public programs. Daniel Beltra: Amazon Forest at Risk is an amazing record of the Amazon Forest and how it’s being savaged at this time in history.

This exhibition will run through February 28, 2010

The ancient rainforest of the vast Amazon basin represents over half the world's remaining tropical forests. This verdant wilderness is one of our richest ecosystems, harboring the greatest biodiversity on the planet. And, this forest is vital to the world's atmospheric health as almost 25% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions come directly from tropical forest clearance. Burning down the Amazon contributes significantly to global warming. Since 2001 Daniel has photographed the changing forest, witnessing both the worst drought in living memory and one of the river's most extensive floods. He has documented the burning of thousands of acres of untouched rainforest. By continuing to document the threats to the forest's wildlife and local inhabitants he presents a powerful argument for their protection.

Spanish born Daniel Beltr√° is a world-renowned photographer living in Seattle, WA. His work has appeared in the most prominent international publications. Daniel brings the sensibility and craft of a news photographer to the fields of nature and the environment, making images, which inspire greater respect and conservation of our planet. Shown in large format these images have the beauty and composition of fine art while telling a vital story.
If you’re in the Seattle area through late February, I strongly suggest you take in this amazing exhibition.

As I travel, I love seeing the work of other photographers as I hope you do. If you know of a new photographic exhibition which you think the Blog should publicize, please contact me.

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Florence said...

I saw this exhibit yesterday. Don't miss it. Thanks for pointing me to it Ned.

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