Monday, November 28, 2011

Museums banning photography is becoming commonplace

Musée d'Orsay, the main hall as taken from the pair of towers at the rear of the hallDuring the past month, I traveled in the Middle East, having wonderful stays in Turkey, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.

In Cairo, at the world famous Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, commonly known as the Egyptian Museum, photography is forbidden. It isn't just flash photography, it's photography of any kind. In fact, you can't even bring your camera into the museum. If you have a camera with you, the guards turn you away. You must leave your camera in your car, bus, or other place. The Museum doesn't have a place to “check” cameras.

The Museum, does permit cellphones to be carried into the Museum, but if you try to take a photo with it, be prepared to be roughly and emphatically escorted out of the Museum after you delete any photos taken in the Museum.

Photography Exhibition: Philadelphia Museum of Art - Zoe Strauss: TenYears

Daddy Tattoo, 2005, Zoe Strauss, AmericanThe Philadelphia Museum of Art has become one of the foremost exhibitors of fine art photography in the nation. Zoe Strauss: Ten Years looks to be a wonderful exhibition worthy of this great institution.

This exhibition will run from January 14, 2012 through April 22, 2012