Editorial Policy for Product and Services Reviews

From time to time, at the NSL Photography™ Blog, we publish reviews of products and/or services for the benefit of our readers. We require disclosure of any financial and/or commercial relationship between an NSL Photography™ reviewer or guest reviewer, and the company(s) producing or selling the products or services reviewed.

Generally manufacturers or distributors lend the NSL Photography™ Blog  products to test and review. Once reviewed, all loaned products are returned. If it’s a service being reviewed, there is nothing to return, however, once testing of the service is complete, we discontinue it. If we like the product or service enough, and it fits into our needs, we sometimes purchase it at typical street or retail pricing.

If a product for review was supplied to the reviewer by the manufacturer or product distributor, and subsequently acquired by the reviewer for free or at a substantial discount, we would require the reviewer to disclose that fact in the review. At the NSL Photography™ Blog, maintaining our readers' trust though our honesty, accuracy and transparency is paramount.

While we believe all our reviews are truthful opinions, and require that of our reviews, and believe they are based on accurate information, reasonable testing and test methods, and real and honest personal experience, that does not, nevertheless, reduce or eliminate the responsibility of our reviewers to articulate and disclose information about any financial and/or commercial relationship they might have with the company(s) whose products or services they have reviewed.

At NSL Photography™ , we have long standing relationships with some companies whose products or services we might review from time to time, either directly, or through NSL Associates Inc. our umbrella corporation.

NSL Associates Inc., is a registered partner of Microsoft Corporation®. NSL Associates Inc. pays the standard annual registered partner fee to Microsoft®, and via that relationship receives substantial goods and services from Microsoft®.

NSL Associates Inc. is a long time reseller and partner of numerous other companies, and sells their products as part of the company's tech consulting, sales, and equipment and systems' maintenance business. Among the most prominent of these financial and commercial relationships are: Dell®, Hewlett Packard®, Cisco®, Tech Data Corporation, PC Mall, Crucial Technologies®, and Symantec®.

NSL Photography™ is a long time user of Nikon SLR and DSLR professional cameras, lenses, and accessories. NSL Photography™ has no direct financial or commercial relationship, however, at the professional level we prefer and purchase Nikon® equipment. Our preference for Nikon® equipment has been built via our relationship with the company over the years due to the quality of its equipment, service, educational resources, both paid and free, and business practices. While we do not purchase or use professional level Canon® cameras and lenses we do purchase and use other Canon® equipment, and acknowledge the high quality of Canon professional level photography equipment.

NSL Photography™ is an official Nikonians.org webring member. NSL Photography™ is also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).