Monday, May 11, 2009

Photography Exhibition: The Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography - Blake Fitch - Expectations of Adolescence

Blake Fitch, Expectations of AdolescenceThe Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography in Turners Falls, MA has some of the most interesting exhibitions of contemporary photography on the East Coast of the US. Blake Fitch, Expectations of Adolescence, a ten year study of two girls, continues in that tradition. If you’re in north-central Massachusetts, about 100 miles west of Boston, don’t miss this exhibition.

The exhibition will run through June 28, 2009.

Blake Fitch was born in Rochester, NY in 1971, and educated at Pratt Institute with a B.F.A. in Photography and a minor in Photo History (1994). She has gone on to receive a masters degree in Arts Administration from Boston University (2001). She has photographed extensively in the United States and South America, focusing on themes of identity, rites of passage, civil rights, and the exploration of community within third world countries.

This exhibition, at Gallery 52 of the Museum, is the culmination of a ten year photographic project documenting the emotional and physical growth and emotional maturation of two young girls. It’s quite amazing.

As I travel, I love seeing the work of other photographers as I hope you do. If you know of a new photographic exhibition which you think the Blog should publicize, please contact me.

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