Monday, August 13, 2012

Smartphone Apps for Photography: Photojot

Photojot app for iPhonePhotojot is application which permits professional photographers and serious amateur photographers to record details about shoots or individual shots for future reference when detailing image information, and plan future photo sessions.

It is especially helpful for “forgetful” travel photographer needing data about their photographs.

With it you can capture essential information to organize photographs for various purposes. You can scout locations and jot down notes about them, to plan future photo shoots.

With PhotoJot you can create notes that contain the following information:
  • Summary
  • Location (from Cellular or GPS)
  • Date/Time
  • Text note of any length
  • Reference photos captured from the iPhone camera or library
  • Voice clip (requires external microphone on iPod Touch)
  • Shutter, Aperture, ISO and other related values for film photographers
Unfortunately, at this time, the Photojot app is only available for the iPhone, not for Android based phones. The app costs $2.99 in the iTunes Store.

When touring I find this app invaluable in quickly taking notes about a particular group of photographs to record information, for using them to tell a story or insert detailed information in the gallery in which I show them, and to describe them individually with detailed information. Rather that have to type in the relevant information, I can merely insert a voice clip or even directly voice record my guide describing the location, and then note the location via GPS for later plotting on a map.

I'm always on the lookout for new photography apps for my iPhone and for Android apps too. If you have a good one to suggest, contact me. If I like it after testing, I'll give you credit for your suggestion in my Blog article about it. Thanks.

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