Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photography Exhibition: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Bruce Davidson - East 100th Street

Untitled, Bruce Davidson, from East 100th Street series, 1967-68, printed 1969The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, periodically has terrific photographic exhibitions. Bruce Davidson – East 100th Street is definitely such an exhibit.

This exhibition will run through September 8, 2013

 “These powerful images capture the gritty reality of life on the block between First and Second Avenues, which had been described during the 1950s as the most dangerous in the entire city. Davidson began the project in 1967, when this section of East Harlem was slowly improving. Carrying his bulky, large-format camera and tripod, Davidson returned almost daily for nearly two years recording the strength and diversity of the inhabitants of this Harlem neighborhood. Gradually gaining the trust of the residents meant that Davidson was able to make intimate, close-up portraits like this young pair on the street.”

If you’re in the Boston area through early September, I strongly suggest you take in this terrific exhibition.

As I travel, I love seeing the work of other photographers as I hope you do. If you know of a new photographic exhibition which you think the Blog should publicize, please contact me.

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Shari - Newton said...

This looks like an exhibition no one should miss. Thanks for letting me know about it. I'll go this weekend.

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