Thursday, May 8, 2014

Calumet Photographic to open Oak Brook store on Sunday, May 11

Calumet Photographic Logo, courtesy of Calumet Photographic
As reported last week, New Jersey based photography retailer, C&A Marketing Inc. outbid the proposal of CalPhotoUS, owned by former principals of Calumet, to purchase specific assets and debt of the former Calumet Photographic for just under $4 million. The purchase includes the option to open five of the former chain's 14 stores.

C&A Marketing announced yesterday that on Sunday, May 11, they will hold the “grand reopening” of the Oak Brook Calumet Photographic store. The Oak Brook Calumet Photographic store is located at 1600 West 16th Street in Oak Brook, Illinois. Beginning on Sunday morning at noon, the store's phone at 630–860–7458 will be available to the public.

C&A Marketing, located in Ridgefield Park, NJ, is a leading global manufacturer, distributor, and online reseller of cameras and other photographic equipment. They are the Polaroid licensee for instant digital cameras, sports video cameras, IP home security cameras and photo accessories. C&A has been expanding their imaging business.

In C&A's press release, Executive Vice President, Chaim Pikarski stated,
“We realize some people may be surprised at how fast we have moved to reopen this store, however, we did due diligence before we stepped in to bid on the brand – and in the process realized the Oak Brook location was the best representation of the thinking Calumet should have deployed chain-wide.
From a business perspective, we know what's needed, we have the resources to ensure that inventory is in place and the key staff that 'built' this location is intact and ready to work. Even more important is that our customers want us there, so why wait?”
C&A is moving in inventory to the Oak Brook store this week so it will be ready with the kind of equipment desired by professions, advanced amateurs and amateur enthusiasts alike, according to the company. C&A said they are determined to rebuild the Calumet brand as quickly and efficiently as possible.
In the press release C&A stated they will make further reopening announcements soon.
The Oak Brook store will be open on Sundays from 12pm until 5pm, and Monday through Friday from 9am until 7pm. Note that at this time, the Oak Brook store will be closed on Saturdays.

I reached out to C&A spokesperson Melissa Hoistion about the store not being open on Saturdays, who checked with C&A management and told me, “This particular Calumet store will start off as closed on Saturday primarily because the history has shown Saturday was not a busy day in this location.” She also said, referring to the store being closed Saturdays, “If customers ask and we see the need, we can adjust.”

In addition, C&A has reopened the Calumet Photographic website ( ), however, the website is very much under construction as all the links currently bring you back to the home page, even the email signup, and customer center links.


Will said...

Good news for those in Illinois. Is there any word about the other stores and what's going to happen with store credits, equipment in for repair, gift cards, and prepaid orders?

Ned S. Levi said...

Will, as I wrote in the article, they haven't announced a decision on the other stores. There is no word yet on their policy about Calumet store credits, prepaid orders, etc.

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