Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Popular Photography" Ceasing Publication

Popular Photography, May 1937 cover, courtesy of WikipediaIn May, 1937, many major historical events occurred:

• Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for “Gone with the Wind.”

• War Admiral won the Kentucky Derby.

• The Cincinnati Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies 21–10 (LOL – It did happen).

• King George VI of Great Britain was crowned.

• The Golden Gate Bridge opened.

• The German dirigible Hindenburg blew up while landing at Lakehurst, NJ

• And “Popular Photography” Magazine was published for the first time.

Years, later, “Popular Photography” was the very first magazine to which I ever subscribed. In seventh grade, in my first week in Junior High School, I joined the Photography Club, developed a roll of film for the first time, printed photos in the school's darkroom and subscribed to “Popular Photography,” in that order.

Now, nearly 80 years since it was first published, “Popular Photography,” one of the world's most influential magazines for generations of photographers will cease publication. Eric Zinczenko, the CEO of Bonnier, “Popular Photography's” parent company ;made the announcement today.

What started in May, 1937, ends with its March/April 2017 issue. Beginning on March 10, Popular Photography's companion website, PopPhoto.com will no longer add any new content, though it will remain online for an unknown amount of time.

The web-only “American Photo Magazine,” will also remain static, with no new content as of March 10.

This is a sad day for me. While I hadn't subscribed to the magazine in many years, I did purchase individual issues periodically, and the magazine is part of my growing up in the world of photography. I'll miss it and the articles by its many great writers over the years, which helped me become a better photographer.

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Sam - Fresno said...

Wow. I loved the magazine growing up, but like you dropped it. It's a shame it won't be around for new photographers learning about it.

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