Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DxO has acquired the Nik Collection from Google

DxO has acquired the Nik Collection from Google and will continue to offer it for free until they make a new edition available in mid-2018.
Nik Collection by Google Logo - 2017

DxO, makers of PhotoLab, formerly OpticsPro, and other photo editing tools which are compatible with Adobe products, has purchased the Nik Collection from Google, one of the most widely used Adobe Photoshop plug-ins tools.

DxO announced they will continue to offer the current version as a free download, for the time being. By mid-2018 DxO plans to offer a new version of the venerable software.

DxO founder and CEO, Jerome Meniere said, “DxO revolutionized the image processing market many times over the years with its innovative solutions, and we will continue to do so with Nik tools, which offer new creative opportunities to many photographers.”

Most likely the upgraded version, replacing the current version, once available next year, will not be free.

According to reports, Mr. Meniere mentioned that they'd like to work with the Nik community to take the software in a direction that they'd like to see it go. That would certainly be welcome for current users and long time Nik enthusiasts.

Current Nik Collection products include seven plugins for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The collection includes:
  • Analog Efex Pro: Applies film-era camera, lens, and film simulations to digital images
  • Color Efex Pro: A comprehensive set of filters for color correction, retouching, and creative effects
  • Dfine: Noise reduction software for camera-specific digital images
  • HDR Efex Pro: Specialized program for processing HDR pictures
  • Sharpener Pro: Image sharpening for digital images
  • Silver Efex Pro: Black & White conversion of images with darkroom-inspired controls
  • Viveza: Selectively adjusts image color and tonality without complicated masks or selections
Please note that the mobile app, Snapseed, developed by Nik prior to its purchase by Google, isn't part of the purchase by DxO. It's not surprising that Snapseed isn't part of the purchase since it's been well known that Snapseed was the Nik product that drove Google's original purchase of Nik.

DxO is already offering its updated OpticsPro product, renamed PhotoLab, containing Nik Software's U-Point® Technology.

For now you can download the current Nik Collection for free at DxO's dedicated Nik Website.

You can view DxO's full press release about the Nik Collection purchase.

DxO has been producing excellent photo editing products for many years. Much of the professional and amateur photography communities are hoping they bring the quality of their current products to the Nik Collection upgrade next year.


Will-Lexington said...

Wow...great news. I use Nik all the time.

Robert-Miami said...

Fabulous. I was worried that by next year Nik wouldn't work with Adobe CC.

Unknown said...

Excellent news Ned, thanks for the scoop!

Jasmine-Memphis said...

Looking forward to finally get an upgraded Nik Collection next year. Thanks for the report.

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